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About our bbq restaurant

Our old southern BBQ restaurant was established in 2017 when our mother got a terminal illness Alzheimer's. She inspired us with her entrepreneurial endeavors while still keeping family time values alive. Her hustle mentality was the fuel to the starting of our flames and thus the journey began.


The family would make brisket on Sundays and it started with conversations leaning in from a Kansas City Missouri upbringing while filling the unmet cravings found in colorado. The BBQ food truck concept went from ideas to reality. A friend who owned a salvage yard had an unseen diamond in the rough, a UPS truck without branding. This unique find inspired a jumpstart to our creativity.


It took 6 months to negotiate terms and finally claim our truck. Driven from Kansas City to Denver with one heck of a deal but with enough blood sweat and BBQ sauce, we were on our mary way to reclaiming the BBQ culture in Colorado.


Starting out as a grind solidifies the brand getting events and locations claimed. As three brothers we continued until finding traction and momentum in what we love rather than becoming complacent in serving our plain old BBQ  to fans/customers.

BBQ restaurant | smoke bbq restaurant - Smokin' Bros Barbecue™ Colorado
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